Smart charging point cabinet is a metal locker which you can store your electrical devices and charge at the same time. There are many types of charging point lockers . One of them is mobile phone charging cabinets, also known as phone cabinets . One other and the most popular type of charging cabinets is Laptop charging locker. Each compartment of the locker has charging power sockets inside which enable device charging even the cabinet is locked.

Charging point lockers with password locking system consists of many compartments. Thanks to these cabinets safe locking system, users can charge their devices in public places without risk of get lost or stolen.

Does Your Business Need a Charging Locker?

Every business has different needs for device charging and storage. Thanks to safe storage and fast charging feature, many workplaces and public open places choose to have a charging point cabinet. These cabinets are developed to meet charging compatibility of all your different devices.  Charging point lockers are preferred by many places such as offices, workplaces, public offices, game rooms, gyms and restaurants. Let our sales team listen to your needs and advise the best available charging point locker for your place.

How Many Charging Units Are in the Charging Point?

Charging point cabinets are device charging cabinets that consist of many compartments and are used to charge electronic devices. The number of compartments in Charging Point Cabinets are designed by the available space and device quantity of your business . Charging point cabinets vary between 4 and 30 compartments. Each compartment can be designed by needed power sockets or USB sockets. These cell phone charging cabinets allow safe storage and device charging together. There are electrical sockets or optional USB sockets in each compartment, which allow your devices to be fully charged after you lock and leave in the locker.

Advantages of Cabinets with Charging Points

Charging point cabinets have many advantages. Some of them can be listed as follows:

  • Offers safe storage thanks to highly durable locking system.
  • Each compartment has a label holder to identify your space and prevents device loss.
  • Hidden hinges provide smooth and aesthetic design look.
  • Monoblock body offers high durable body structure and prevents theft.
  • Thanks to the various power socket and USB socket options, charging point cabinet sockets are compatible with all devices.

What is the Price of Charging Point Lockers?

Charging point cabinets prices vary accordingly to material thickness, compartment quantity, power socket type and quantity, accessories and color. You can visit our website for detailed information about charging point cabinet or contact our sales team for the prices of these lockers.

Loxmet Charging Point Cabinets

Loxmet charging point cabinets vary between 4 and 30 doors. Charging point cabinets can be custom designed accordingly to your space and device quantity.

All you have to do is connect your device to power socket and leave with locking the compartment. Thanks to its high durable locking system, you can safely store your electronic device. You can select optional lock systems such as padlock locking, key cam lock, digital keypad lock accordingly to your needs.

Charging point lockers are equipped with metal feet and plastic shoes which able you to adjust locker body balance to uneven ground surfaces and prevents rusting caused by wet ground touch. 

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