Space-saver slim lockers are used in common areas such as schools, factories, hospitals, gyms. Thin cabinets are quite durable and they are spacious inside. Employees, students and other people using the locker can put their personal belongings in these lockers. The reason why the cabinets are narrow and vertical is that they can be stored in narrow spaces.

How to Save Space with Thin Cabinets?

Slim cabinets save space and provide storage space. Compact gym lockers, office lockers, school lockers designs and colors can be customized according to the area of use. You can get a stylish look by making the colors of the cabinet types according to the RAL color codes.

Thin lockers are produced narrower than standard cabinet models. While standard cabinets are produced in sizes starting from 410mm, the sizes of thin cabinets start from 320mm. Although their dimensions vary according to the number of tiers, columns and doors, their width is less than other cabinets.

Goods can be safely stored thanks to the lockable cabinet doors, padlock holder and monoblock body. You can easily hang your clothes such as dresses and jackets on Z door lockers. In addition, these cabinets are specially designed so that you can safely store your belongings such as mobile phones and wallets.

Space-Saving Slim Locker Types

Space-saving thin locker types can be used in factories, gyms, workplaces and schools. It is safe and durable thanks to its locked covers and high-quality materials. Space-saving thin locker types vary according to the number of tiers and the number of doors. Thin locker types are as follows;

– 1 tier with 1 door

– 1 tier with 2 doors

– 1 tier with 3 doors

– 1 tier with 4 doors

– 2 tiers, 2 doors

– 2 tiers, 4 doors

– 2 tiers with 6 doors

– 2 tiers with 8 doors

– Z-Door Double-Tier 2-Door Wardrobe

– Z-Door Double-Tier 4-Door Wardrobe

– Z-Door Double-Tier 6-Door Wardrobe

– Single Tier 2 Doors Seating Bench

– Single Tier 3-Door Seating Bench

– Single Tier 4-Door Seating Bench

– Double Tier 4-Door Seating Bench

– Double Tier 6 Doors Seating Bench

– Double Tier, 8 Doors, Seating Bench

The Price of Space-Saving Slim Lockers

You can prefer thin cabinets for your students in your school for your employees in your business. Space-saving slim cabinets have plastic hangers, monoblock body and padlock holder. Loxmet cabinets are coated with electrostatic powder paint. Electrostatic powder paint makes the cabinets easy to clean and makes the materials more durable. For detailed information about the price of space-saving thin cabinets you can contact with Loxmet .

The Benefits of Slim Lockers: Space-Saving Storage Solutions for Your Business

Thin cabinets have so much advantageous for your business. Thin cabinets make it easy for you to choose the right cabinet for your business. Clothes can be hung on the plastic hangers in the thin cabinets, and the items can be stored comfortably thanks to the adjustable shelves. Loxmet offers space saving storage solutions for your business. You can get an offer for your business by examining the Loxmet thin cabinets that can be used in gyms, factories, schools and workplaces.

Customizable Lockers: Designing Slim Lockers for Your Unique Needs

You can choose customizable cabinets according to the needs of your business. At Loxmet, you can examine the cabinet models that can be used by more people to saving space. You can customize the stylishly designed Z-door lockers, benches, cabinets and sofa bench seats according to your needs.

You can customize the colors, designs and sizes of the cabinet models you choose according to your needs. Loxmet manufactures cabinets with hifh quality materials and first-class workmanship. Loxmet cabinet models can be customized for different areas and can be used for many years without corruption thanks to the materials used.

You can examine the thin locker types that save space at Loxmet . You can get an offer from Loxmet for all types of cabinets you need, depending on the number of employees and the area where you will put the cabinet.