Are you manufacturer?

Loxmet company is manufacturer of commercial furnitures made of steel; such as lockers, office cabinets, bunk beds and all other products seen on catalogue, except accessories.

Where are you located?

Loxmet company’s head office and production are both located in Istanbul/Turkey.


How can I request a price offer?

You can send your quotation request by sending email to address or by texting through whatsapp icon or by filling up form at contact page or by calling our office. Our sales team is excited to help you!

What is the minimum order quantity (MOQ)?

You can order even one single piece of product. For orders under 2.000,00 EUR or USD, Loxmet charges extra 50 EUR or USD on invoice for local customs clearance costs. Orders which amount is more than mentioned amounts are not subject to extra charge of customs clearance costs.


How do you quote my offer request?

Loxmet company quotes as EXW/Istanbul (Exworks) in standard with your selection of EUR or USD currency. According to your shipping cost request, Loxmet can also quote as C&F (Cost and Freight) and DAP (Delivery at Place).

Do you offer extra discount for bulk amounts?

Yes, we do offer special prices if order volume is more than 2 containers load or 2 trucks load.


How can I pay the order amount to Loxmet?

Loxmet accepts only bank transfer. Paymet methods of Cash Against Goods (CAG), Cash Against Documents (CAD), Letter of Credit (L/C), Credit Sales, Tally Sales are not accepted. Loxmet bank account details are always mentioned at the bottom of proforma invoice.


What delivery time does Loxmet offer?

Loxmet offers 10 working days delivery time for standard products wtih catalogue standard colors. This delivery time may extend if order volume more than 2 containers load or 2 trucks load. For special color or custom made products, delivery time extends approximately 10 more working days.


What terms are applied for shipping?

Loxmet follows INCOTERMS rules which globally recognised set of standards by Inernational Chamber of Commerce (ICC).

Do you cover shipping insurance?

No, Loxmet does not cover shipping insurance.



What type of packaging do you provide?

Loxmet provides bubble nylon stretch + carton edging. Pallet packaging upon request with extra charge.


How do you operate customs clerance?

Loxmet operates local customs clearance process. Importer operates customs clearance process in destination country. Customs clearance costs and taxes in destination country are obligated to undertaken by importer.

Which documents do you provide with my order?

Loxmet provides Commercial Invoice, Packing List, Bill of Lading and Movement Certificate (ATR, EUR1, Certificate of Origin, etc..)


What is warranty policy?

Loxmet offers 2 years warranty period for issues caused by production faults



Can I be a distributor of Loxmet products?

Yes, we are excited to work with you!

What terms are applied while working as a distributor?

No special terms (minimum order quantity, annual turnover, marketing investment, etc..) applied while working as distributor. If you would like to be an exclusive distributor for your country, yes we do ask for some requirements.

How to become an exclusive distributor?

Loxmet company is open for negotiation of an exclusive distribution agreement after at least 2 years of normal distributor collaboration. Some special terms are mandatory for exclusive distributorship.

What special terms are applied while working as an exclusive distributor?

Loxmet products must be used with Loxmet original brand in marketing materials and channels. No private labelling allowed. To maintain exclusive distributionship agreement, annual purchase amount of exclusive distributor must be higher than the counterparts’s agreed annual purchase amount. Exclusive distributor must not sell any other product of Loxmet’s competitor manufacturers. Exclusive distributor must prove that spending suffiecent efforts for marketing and must be transparent to Loxmet company for tracking marketing activities.

What are the benefits to be an exclusive distributor?

For agreed country or region, Loxmet company makes all sales only through with exclusive distributor. Loxmet forwards all purchase inquiries received from agreed country or region to exclusive distributor. Loxmet company supports it’s exclusive distributors with secure business ethics, marketing materials and tradefair participations.