What Are Chemical Storage Cabinets Used For?

Storage containers are used in laboratories to safely store different chemicals. Chemical storage cabinets provide safe storage of chemical products. It is used in the laboratory to prevent the mixing of chemicals and their bad effects on the environment. You can choose chemical substances storage cabinet models to store hazardous products in workplaces.

Introduction to Chemical Storage Cabinets

Chemical storage cabinets make it easy to store chemicals such as hazardous chemical products. Cabinets made of sheet metal allow the safe storage of chemical substances separately. Chemical products can cause serious harm to human health and the environment. Chemical storage cabinet models should be used for safe storage of chemical substances. Lockable chemical storage cabinets eliminate potentially dangerous situations. Chemical cabinet models are used in laboratories, workplaces and factories. You should prefer metal cabinets to store products safely.

Design and Construction of Chemical Storage Cabinets

Cabinets are metal furnitures that provide safe storage of equipment and products. The design and construction of chemical storage cabinets is way different from the others. There are ventilation holes so that the chemicals do not get stucked and react with each other and their gases do not pass.

Production material is DKP sheet metal . Electrostatic powder paint is used for coating the cabinet . The risk of fire and damage to the cabinet are avoided. Height-adjustable shelves allow easy storage of chemical materials of different sizes. Depending on the usage area and the number of chemical products, 2-shelf or 4-shelf cabinet types can be preferred.

Design and Construction of Chemical Storage Cabinets

Benefits of Using Chemical Storage Cabinets

Chemical cabinets provide safe storage of chemical products without harming the environment and human health. These cabinet types are used in many areas where chemical products are used. Benefits of using chemical storage cabinets;

  • It eliminates situations such as spills and leaks of chemicals.
  • It provides separate storage of chemicals that may react with each other.
  • Ventilation holes allow harmful gases to be discharged safely.
  • Lockers prevent unauthorized persons from accessing the cabinet. It is used in public areas such as school laboratory, hospital, workplace.
  • Chemical cabinets prepared with high quality materials and workmanship prevent accidents such as fire and poisoning.
  • There is a liquid collection tray inside the cabinet to prevent the chemical liquids spread in the cabinet and damage the outside.

What is the Difference Between Chemical Storage Cabinets and Normal Storage Cabinets?

Cabinets are produced in different sizes, designs and features according to their usage areas. Cabinets produced for storing chemical products are more durable than standard cabinets. Normal storage cabinets can be made of wood, metal, sheet metal or plastic. Cabinets where chemical products will be stored are made of materials that are not affected by chemical products. It is resistant to chemical products and ensures safety.


Chemical storage cabinets are produced from 0.7mm thick DKP sheet metal material. Electrostatic powder paint is used as coating. The materials are resistant to chemical reaction and external damage.


There are ventilation holes in the cabinets to prevent chemical products from reacting among each others. Ventilation holes prevent air from entering the cabinet and mixing chemicals.

Security Features

Cabinets where chemical products are safely stored protect human health and the environment. The liquid collection tray under the cabinets prevents spilled liquids from leaking out. The materials of the cabinets are resistant to risky situations such as burning and leakage. Chemical cabinet types ensure that chemical products stay together safely.


Types of chemical storage cabinets are produced in different sizes and features. You can easily store and separate your chemical products. The designs and colors of the cabinets are suitable for different usage areas.

You can visit the Chemical Storage Cabinets product page to review Loxmet chemical cabinets and see the product details of the 2-shelf and 4-shelf chemical storage cabinet models. You can get a quote for chemical product cabinets suitable for your business by contacting us.

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